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Your major areas of interest in the coming year are the body, the image, personal appearance, finance, health and work, personal transformation, sex, death and rebirth, life after death and the deeper things of life until September 25th and religion, philosophy, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel, friendships, group activities and organisations after September 25th.

In agreement with the aquarius astrology forecast , your paths of greatest fulfilment are home, family an domestic interests, personal transformation, sex, death an rebirth, life after death and the deeper things of life until September 25th and religion, philosophy, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel after September 25th.

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Since last year was a banner love year, I read this as a good sign. Most of you are satisfied with the love life that you have and have no need to make drastic changes or give this area undue attention. The tendency will be to the status quo.

Marrieds will stay married and singles will stay single.

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Those involved in serious relationships will continue in these relationships. Life is a circle. Different areas of life become more important in different years.

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This year is more of a money and career year than a love year. Those of you born late in the Sign from approximately February 5th to February 19th still have wonderful social and love aspects and could still marry or enter into a significant relationship.

New and significant friends are still coming into the picture. According to aquarius horoscope , friendship is more important this year than love and romance. Now, Aquarians are always into friendships but this year even more so. Your 11th House is strong and has been strong for many years now.

This whole area of life is undergoing vast transformation and this process is continuing in the year ahead. Old friendships are dying and new ones are being born. Old social attitudes are dying and new attitudes are being born. You are delving deeply into the meaning of friendship and weeding out bad or false attitudes.

Love and social activities will be most active from July 22nd to August 22nd and from September 6th to October 3rd.

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Those working towards a second marriage have wonderful love aspects after September 25th , Wedding bells could ring but even if not, this new relationship will be like a marriage.

This relationship will start out as a friendship and evolve into something more. You could meet this person through an organisation you belong to, at school or at church, temple, synagogue, mosque or ashram. Those in a third marriage are facing a crisis in their relationship.

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  7. Its survival depends on the depth of your commitment to each other. Those looking to marry for a third time could have a few false starts.

    Children of marriageable age are having a stormy love life this year. Here, too, I see great change, upheaval and a revamping of love attitudes and needs.

    Through the experience of love they are learning, as if by looking into a mirror what in themselves needs to be changed.

    Aquarius love December 2018. New beginnings 🤩

    Money and earnings have been important for you for many years and their importance is even stronger in For many years you have been involved with your image, your self-concept and personal fulfilment but now you are taking personal charge of your finances.

    Your financial destiny is in your own hands and you are not delegating these issues to others. As in past years you are investing in yourself, a wise move, as this tends to be the best investment long term. You are investing in making yourself a better person through studies in self-improvement, personality development and the like and through upgrading and updating your image.

    You spend lavishly on yourself. You wear expensive jewellery and accessories. You are up to date on all the latest fashion trends. In short, you don the image of wealth and success and as you adopt this image, others see you as wealthy and the wealth vibration increases in your aura.

    Whether or not you are actually rich, you will dress and accessorise as if you are. There is a logic to this now. For your personal appearance seems to play an unusually important role in your earnings. We often see these aspects in the charts of fashion models, actors and actresses or media types.

    It is the image that brings the earnings. You have been cultivating financial intuition for many years now. This trend is even stronger in the year By now you have been going through this for about seven years you are more able to discern the difference between instinct and real intuition.

    Real intuition is ever calm, never in a hurry, never greedy, never mixed with any of the common human passions.


    It just is for this is the way, walk thou in it. In general, wealth is increasing this year. You have a rare combination of desire for wealth with the good aspects that can make it happen. While most of you will never be Bill Gates or Richard Branson these kinds of people are rare in every age , you should still enjoy a marked increase in personal wealth in the coming year You will make important progress towards your wealth goals.

    You will not lack for any material thing in the year ahead. Your wealth aspects are good all year but will get even better after September 25th as Jupiter, the planet-of abundance starts to make sensational aspects to your Sun Speculations become favourable then.

    There is more foreign travel. Pay rises and promotions come at work. You gain recognition and even honours. Conforming to horoscopes, those of you looking to pay off debt, refinance existing debt or who are searching for outside capital have wonderful aspects most of the year.

    This is a year to be achieving these kinds of goals. Those of you involved in tax issues, insurance claims or estates will also hear good news now. Financial opportunity will come through an uncanny ability to see value where others see only death, decay or junk.

    Daily Planetary Overview

    Troubled companies, troubled properties perhaps even troubled people that everyone has given up on, junk that floats around in attics or garages all have profit potential for you, if you keep your eyes open.

    Health was good last year and should be good again this year. There are no major long-term planets stressing you this year but health should get even better after September 25th when Jupiter makes a harmonious aspect to you. Yet, in spite of these wonderful aspects, I see a very strong 6th House of Health.

    There is intense interest in this field.

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    I read this as an interest in keeping fit, preventive types of medicine, diet and exercise. You are undertaking health regimes and disciplined ones not because of sickness, but for prevention, just for the sake of staying fit.

    You seem to have an aura whose intensity scares some people and attracts others. Your force of character could be the cause of some wonderful feelings and emotions for the people close to you.

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